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Aggies Activities Council is always willing to co-sponsor with other organizations and departments on campus. If your organization or department would like to co-sponsor an event with AAC  you will need to approach AAC at least 6 weeks in advance. Once you submit your proposal, the Chairwoman of AAC will contact you and set up a meeting time before it is voted on by AAC. During this meeting you may be asked some detail questions about your event or discuss the possibility of sponsoring.


The proposal can be emailed to or

Your proposal should include the following:

1. Program Goals

2. Target Audience (whom is the program serving?)

3. Date and Time (consider University and  Events Calendar conflicts)

4. Location

5. Availability of Resources (location, talent, volunteers, ect..)


AAC is not a funding board. Our goal is to share costs, labor, and volunteers equally. All of our co-sponsorships should adhere to the following stipulations:

1. The event must be open to the entire NMSU community.

2. The AAC logo should appear on all publicity materials.

3. AAC should be verbally recognized at the event along withl all other co-sponsoring organizations.