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Aggies Activities Council (AAC) is the programming organization for all of the NMSU community.  They work to make the NMSU campus the central hub for school spirit, building community, and developing leaders.

Membership in Aggies Activities Council is open and available to all New Mexico State University students. AAC offers many cultural events, educational programs, and popular and diverse entertainment.AAC vows to make all events free and open to all students, to ensure every student feels at home and has one less thing to worry about.

Aggies Activities Council members realize that much of the college experience is developed outside the classroom. As a member you can expect to gain unique experiences while developing communication, public relations, marketing, and event planning skills. AAC also provides many opportunities for members to enhance their college experience by meeting other students and learning about the rich diversity of people on the New Mexico State campus.

The experiences gained through any position held on the board, either as an executive or committee member, can become a valuable asset when applying for work after graduation. Not only is the experience rewarding, but it’s exciting!